The Eternal I

"Jumping beyond the last bridge of all existence is the Last Existence, The Eternal I."
-- Loveletter From the Fifth Era

This is first and foremost a personal blog. I tend to focus far more on sociopolitical, philosophical, humanist, and creative topics, but overall there is hardly a singular theme to be seen. Most of the pictures I reblog are things I either enjoy or that which inspires me in some way.

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What my spirituality has ultimately taught me and brought to my life.

My beliefs have nothing to do with doctrine or worship, and whether I believe in something “higher” than myself is ultimately inconsequential to how they have affected me, at least in terms of negative effects.

My belief in something more than myself has not resulted in closing my mind off. In fact, at least regarding my own personal philosophy, my spirituality is dedicated to critical thought and an open mind, thinking outside the box, but also seeing the inherent worth and dignity of all things, human and inhuman, and the importance of every moment as it happens. It has allowed me to see the beauty in life and existence and the potential that is there, without any notion of god or no-god factoring in whatsoever.

And it drives me to make this world a better and more beautiful place, one that actually allows for and meets the potential it is capable of.

Additionally, simply because I am spiritual does not mean I ignore or disbelieve in science. I believe as much in science as any scientist. The only difference from myself and atheists who believe in science, is that science has not removed my ability to be spiritual. Being spiritual within the realities of science is entirely possible and plausible.

My spirituality has ultimately made me into a better person with more compassion and open-mindedness. I fail to see how that is a bad thing, and I don’t appreciate all spiritual people being lumped in a singular group of a bunch of “gullible and illogical idiots!” I don’t believe in the “old man in the sky” anymore than you do.

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